Laboratory DBS

The Laboratory DBS develops and validates methods with focus on dried blood spot (DBS) analysis. The laboratory is equipped with high end LC-MS/MS instrumentation, general blood handling and sample preparation equipment. The DBS-MS 500 is connected online to the LC-MS/MS, enabling fully automated analytical workflows.

We provide Feasibility Studies as well as Method Development and Validation.

Feasibility Studies

Following a detailed description of the analytical goal in the “Request for DBS Feasibility Study” form we will contact you and may evaluate whether DBS-LC-MS/MS is a potential solution for your analytical goal.


  • Within a couple of days you know whether or not your analytical goal can be solved by DBS-LC-MS/MS
  • Highly trained and skilled analysts evaluate the project and perform the analytics

Method Development and Validation

Depending on the analytical goal, we develop methods from scratch or customize and optimize existing methods. This includes

  • Optimization of extraction conditions
  • Integration of internal or external standards into a method
  • Workflow and process definition

Stability issues are addressed in pre-validation experiments.


  • State-of-the-art methodology for best performance and reliability
  • Method transfer and troubleshooting by the experts at a reasonable cost


The CAMAG DBS laboratory develops and validates methods according to CAMAG's quality standards. Further requirements, such as IVD, are not part of the method development and validation process.

Request for DBS feasibility study